DLR Newsletter – 01/2015

DLR Newsletter – 01/2015

Proceeding at a velocity of one metre per hour and at an angle of 65 degrees, a special probe, the so-called IceMole, slowly melts its way towards its target at a depth of 16 metres: a crevasse in the Taylor glacier which conveys the so-called brine, subglacial water from the lake below the glacier, to its outlet in the Lake Bonney. Thus, scientists succeeded for the first time ever in taking an uncontaminated sample of subglacial water and bringing it to the surface using a melting probe from Aachen University of Applied Sciences. This was enabled by the Enceladus Explorer (EnEx) project mounted by the DLR Space Administration. What has succeeded at the Antarctic Blood Falls on Earth will be duplicated on the Saturnian moon of Enceladus at a later date. For this purpose, the EnEx initiative will be continued beyond the year 2015.


Editorial: DLR Raumfahrtmanagement / DLR Space Administration
Title: Exploration EnEx – Vom S├╝dpol zum Enceladus
Pages: 6 – 13
Document: Countdown28.pdf



Source: DLR Space Administration


  • IMG_7966: Dirk Heinen